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    I was really happy w/ the help I got from the parts department manager. Couldn't find my toilet parts anywhere online. They helped me on chat & quickly gave me the right parts & part numbers so I could order online. Delivery came on time w/ standard option. Thanks PPL!




    Cheapest prices on da web for car roof top racks. Dey have lots of different styles and sizes. Dey send stuff out real quick (most orders go out da same day) and free shipping on orders over $99!




    Dis brach of Cargurus, Palm Auto Sales in Palm Beach County FL, was aight. Da guy I dealt wit was real pro n' nice. My prob was da price keep changin in da ads. Da car I wanted wuz 4800 on Craigslist, den jumped to 5800 da nex day n' 5700 on anotha site. Dey gave me a clean Carfax tho. I really liked da car, but da A/C was busted. I offered 4800, willing to go to 5000, n' fix da A/C myself. It wuz an old car, 2011, wit lotsa miles, but da brand was solid. Dude said dey couldn't drop da price no mo'. Communication wuz good, he wuz cool, but ya gotta watch out. Didn't match da CarGurus ads vibe.