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  • The company made everything so easy. After getting my bond, I emailed to change my address and they got back to me right away. Good experience and workers.




    I needid help with consolidating my debts. But, after being scammed, I found this company. Now, I need more money to combine all my debts into one.




    Shiping weren't too quick but that's okay. Not happy with the sound, hardly better than the stock 40mm ones I got with the Packtalk Bold dual pack. Just a hint more bass but only when not moving. When riding, wind and engine noise cover the low sounds and all you hear are the same middles and highs as before. Also, feels like less overall volume. Feels like maxing out when I should get a bit more. Yes, I know, high volumes aren't good for ears. But this is a critique and I'll be critical. End of the day, feels like wasted $90.