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  • Anonymous reviewed

    WARNING!!! HUGE SCAM!!! Found one mouse, hired Terminix for big company trust. $250 for first visit, got old trap, not where mouse seen. Tech acted to spray outside, found webs and wasp nests next day! Tried to cancel in 72 hours, operator delayed for manager, missed window. No refund, paid $250 for $1 trap and $5 glue traps. AVOID THIS COMPANY!

  • Charles K reviewed

    Orkin took over a year ago, and things have changed. They sent two guys who seemed a bit rough, spent 5 mins, and now they want $300 for once-a-year inspection. I can't suggest them.

  • Kevin reviewed

    These filters were supposed to be like the RS6 ones but they're taller and don't come with gaskets. I'll give them another shot but likely won't purchase again.