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    Iv'e been using Partzilla for a long time now, and I've made a few mistakes with my orders over the years. But with one phone call, they've always helped me get things sorted out, which means a lot to me. In my shop, I don't do advertising, I just take care of my customers, and they spread the word for me. One thing I'd ask is if they could put small parts in a zip lock bag because by the time the box arrives, it's usually really torn up. Thanks for all your help, Craig.

  • Thye were really good at getting my package to me on time. When it got stolen from my porch, they sent me another one without any hassle. I will shop with them again for sure.




    Continue your search The pricing strategy here is quite questionable, with parts being significantly marked up. To make matters worse, the actual price is conveniently hidden on the part. I recently bought a part online for $75 each, only to find the same part labeled at $41 in the store. It's disheartening to encounter such pricing disparities, and I would recommend exploring other options.