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    OMG!!! This company is such a SCAM!!! They took my Amazon credit without asking and won't give it back. They promise free stuff but it's all lies! First month seems great, but then everything gets canceled. Amazon knows what's up and cancels everything. They even think I'm a fraudster now. The app works until Amazon catches on, then it's useless. They promise surveys for gift cards but never deliver. Unless you want to cheat, stay away! It's stealing, plain and simple. And their customer service? Useless! They just say sorry and offer more free junk. Total scam, don't fall for it!




    Company ain't good. Joined but can't chat without coins. A free month would've helped. Few payment ways, tough for Africa folks.




    It's my first time being on here. I like that I can text without paying for it. Most times people don't have money to pay.