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  • Doug reviewed

    We were quite happy with the delivery timing, careful packaging, and obviously, the product itself. Putting it together was simple. We would suggest this product to anyone looking for a good two-seater bench.

  • Kathy reviewed

    Solid effort overall, but could improve time management instead of focusing on less important tasks like overly thorough dusting.

  • jml reviewed
    American Movers Direct

    My moving plan never happened due to upfront dishonesty. I trusted the salesman and signed a contract, thinking I could update or cancel it after 72 hours. He lied. His verbal lie left me unable to prove it. They're keeping my large deposit for two years if I still want to use their awful service. I lost money just walking away; who knows how much more they would've charged me. They also took advantage of my 78-year-old aunt. She requested a refund within 72 hours, but they convinced her to change her payment method, promising an "easier" refund. She agreed. They never gave her money back. She lost hundreds, and I lost thousands.