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About company

Elevate your home's curb appeal with envy-worthy greenery using our DIY lawn-care solutions. A lush and vibrant lawn not only enhances your property but also contributes to environmental well-being by efficiently producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Save on professional services and achieve golf course-worthy grass at home with our comprehensive DIY products and expert advice. Whether aiming for a show-stopping aesthetic or environmental impact, our offerings cater to all your lawn-care needs. Join us in cultivating the greenest grass in the neighborhood, making a positive impact on both your home's appearance and the environment.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Flowery Branch, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Ron Henry.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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The shipping and handling are really quick.
by RyanK

The shipping and handling are really quick. Ron is awesome, he always replies whenever I reach out, no matter the time or day. He's replaced damaged items for me even if I didn't open the box for months. The products are good, but the service is what makes it worth it.

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Essential-G is a granular
by John

Essential-G is a granular biostimulant that works wonders for my lawn. It enhances the soil quality, making my grass look lush and healthy. Since I started using it, I've noticed my lawn turning a beautiful dark green, and even my neighbors have been giving me compliments. The combination of humate, compost, biochar, and other ingredients really amps up the soil's efficiency, promoting better fertility and nutrient levels. Plus, it's super easy to spread using a broadcast spreader. Overall, I'm really pleased with the results Essential-G has brought to my lawn.

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Score! Found exactly what
by michael Banales

Score! Found exactly what I needed with their spot-on online description. Placed the order, and boom, it was at my doorstep within days. Now, the big question is how well it's gonna work. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing ahead!

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Man, these products are
by Edward D

Man, these products are the bomb! Seriously, top-notch stuff. And can we talk about the delivery time? It's like they've got a magic wand – boom, and it's at your doorstep. Major shoutout to Ron for being the DIY lawn hero we all need. Keep rocking that expertise and hard work!

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Ron's weekly live streams
by John Colbert

Ron's weekly live streams are like my lawn care Bible! His advice on nourishing my reseeded Fescue lawn has me feeling like a legit lawn expert. The best part? You can fire away with questions during the live streams, and boom, instant answers and recommendations. Seriously invaluable stuff. If you're thinking twice about seeking advice from Ron, don't – you'll be thanking yourself later

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