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  • They just publish fake price to make e reservation. I found them with momondo, it was strange on every flight they where at least $50 cheaper than other options. I made reservation yesterday and few minutes later the called me that those prices are not available and new prices is about $500.00 more than initial price, then keep on the phone for 30 minutes and in the end trying to convince me that i should pay at least $200.00 more, with a reason that is nothing to spent for your familly 🤦‍♂️. And then they canceled my reservation.




    Me cambiaron el vuelo cuando había reservado uno el día anterior y el precio no cohincidio con el precio del día anterior




    My flight from Chicago to Fort Myers was canceled at boarding time. I needed to rebook and had to buy one way tickets in order to get to and from within my time line. Trust Fair helped me with my return flight from Fort Myers to O'Hare. The first flight they confirmed with me had an issue. I received a message from trust fares I needed to call them regarding my booking. When I spoke with an agent about the booking tickets were no longer available for the flight they had booked me on so I had to take an earlier flight that went from Fort Myers to Chicago then to Cincinnati. I was assured that this would not be a problem as long as I wasn't checking bags. When I got to the airport and was boarding all of the overhead compartments were full. My bags had to be checked and when the agent checked my boarding pass she argued that I was going to Cincinnati not Chicago. I wasn't given the opportunity to show them my confirmation and emails to confirm that I had been bumped from a later flight to this flight. I was accused of fraud and trying to get cheaper tickets by buying the flight to Cincinnati rather than directly to Chicago. I was told to get on the plane and send my bags to Cincinnati or I could repurchase tickets for another flight. Fortunately when I got to Chicago and spoke to an agent who I was going to file a claim with to get my bags was able to get the bags pulled from the flight to Cincinnati. It was very stressful and I was traveling with my granddaughter who was very embarrassed by the whole situation. I don't know if this problem resulted in giving me a connecting flight or just the agent at the terminal but hopefully correct information will be given to all customers. Thank you




    This was a pretty good trip, with a visit to a bulb grower, so we saw the cool sight of fields of tulips in lots of colors. The not so good part was when we got to Keukenhof, the weather cut our visit short by an hour. Funny enough, it stayed dry until the last 15 minutes. We went to Amsterdam for 3 days just to see Keukenhof. Even though we didn't stop for snacks, we left without seeing part of the garden or anything inside, which was disappointing. The river cruise was on a nice boat with informative commentary.




    Let me just say somethin' and I hope someone can read this. Your staff looks like they don't wanna work there. They are rude and unprofessional. They keep repeatin' the same thing over and over and they don't care to what we have to say. It's unbeliveble.

  • This company's pretty good. I got 4 sets of caster wheels, but messed up on the mount size. Had to send 'em back. The wheels seem real sturdy and better than other brands. Price's lower too. Customer service helped me quick with the return. I'd tell others about it.

  • 1st time usin' a car transfer company an' my experience wit SGT was great. From settin' a pickup to delivery point no problems at all. Would recommend. Thanks Pat Manor


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