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    Diana I.


    I like the Live Chat. Getting quick pet care advice is great. The vet asked questions and gave advice. It's good they asked if I had more concerns. Only issue: no notification when my turn was next.




    Absolutely HORRIBLE service. If you value your pet, AVOID THEM. They won't cover any urgent situations unless your pet is almost dying. My dog suffered a severe injury, and they refused to help, claiming it wasn't serious enough. Look into Lemonade or Nationwide instead. Pawp, if you're reading this, you should be ASHAMED. Don't bother apologizing or suggesting to contact customer service – you're just a bunch of SCAMMERS!


    Karen O


    I had to rush my German shepherd to the emergency room, and Pawp, the company I got pet insurance from, told me to do so. I bought this insurance for when we travel, but when I tried to get reimbursed for the ER visit, it was a hassle. They said I didn't follow the vet's recommendations because I didn't leave my dog overnight, but I didn't feel comfortable leaving her in a strange city. Dealing with Pawp was difficult, so I suggest finding another pet insurance company.