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  • Ollie Dog Food

    Dean Jordan


    I faced shipping issues multiple times, but the team was quick to reship, especially during the holiday season. I would recommend exploring alternative delivery systems. The first shipment had an issue with dry ice exploding, and the second arrived thawed. Despite this, my dogs love the food. I wish there were more than five options, and it's inconvenient that the lamb needs special handling. Additionally, it's strange that kcal per pack isn't mentioned on the website. I'm considering trying another company for better shipping or local pickup. Contacting them via email can be challenging, but text messages offer a faster response. So far, the customer service has been helpful.


    Natasha Howell


    In just 38 days, there's been an incredible difference in my dog's joint health. His mobility has significantly improved, and he seems more comfortable. We've witnessed a remarkable reduction in stiffness and limping. As our dog approaches his sixth birthday, I can't imagine him without this supplement!


    Kerry Burges


    Ordered a mixed pallet, and after a prolonged wait, it finally arrived, only to discover it was filled entirely with straw pellets. After months of waiting for the Miscanthus pellets with no success, I decided to purchase bedding from elsewhere. They eventually came to collect the unwanted and unordered straw pellets, providing a refund approximately five months from the original order.