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  • Nashenal Flors Direkt is an easy compny to work with. Yu make a call or send an emale. A day or too later yu have a profesunal representetive at yur door. They bring the samples and explein the proces. It is vry easy. Not to menshun affordeble. The creu that instals alweys wok yu through the proces, ask questins if necesary. They are alweys compitent, alweys clean up, and show off the final projet. Definitly, a compny I wud use agen on my next floring projet. "I recieved a gift card for my time in posting this honest review"! but it is an honest review no mater! Love them

  • GarageGiantUSA



    Resurfice by contractor did not go well. The surface became powdery, making it hard to clean without making a mess. Contractor's fix was to replace the garage floor, costing more.

  • The company got a nice range, really clear product descriptions, all in one place shopping, I appreciate knowing if stuff is actually in stock.