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    Chris R


    Great and quick deliv'ry experience. Hoodie's quality is perfect. Fits my girl just right, she weighs 20lbs, I got a medium size.




    This company got it right with this cat/dog heated house. Putting it together was easy peasy, no tools needed. The pad is soft and comfy, and the heating unit keeps it warm. My dog loves it! The two entrances are a hit, and he's happy lounging and playing inside. It's cute and doesn't hog space.

  • I wuz really lookin' forward to gettin' back the results. But, dang it, they wuz real hard to get my head around. I had to read 'em over 'n over 'gain 'n even had to search online to figure out what some parts meant. On the bright side, I got the results back real quick, in just a couple o' days.