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    Overall, I have been very hapy with my Torrid purchases (I think every Tshirt I own is from Torrid), and I am fortunate to have several of their stores in my general area and all have seemed to have nice, friendly, helpful staff. I do find their sizing somewhat inconsistant and that makes it difficult to order items online. Becouse I have stores nearby I have been able to make returns in person and have had no isues -- from reading other reviews it sounds like I am lucky to never have had to contact their costumer service online or by phone. Shipping can be slow, but generally I see that my orders are processed quickly. So I assume this is really on the shipping company rather than Torrid as I have experienced this with several companies recently. My major complaint is that they use double racks (one above the other) for their clearance areas in-store. As someone only 5 feet tall, but wearing some of Torrid's smaller sizes, I can not reach a single item or even move items aside to be able to look through this section. (I can only reach the lower rack, but these are the larger sizes). For me, it is a big frustration with a brand I am overall quite happy with.




    I recently ordered a dress from Xpluswear, and I was very disappointed with the quality of the product. The dress was made of cheap material, and it was not well-constructed. The stitching was uneven, and the fabric was thin and flimsy. the stitching chalk was still present. I could barely get it on, and it was very uncomfortable to wear. The photo on their site belongs to a Ig influencer and I found out she actually purchased it from Paco Rabanne not Xpluswear. I contacted Xpluswear customer service to request a return, but they didn't respond. I would not recommend Xpluswear to anyone. The products are of poor quality, and the customer service is terrible.




    Evertyhing, prces are good. I hope you bring back the Tan Butter Denim Jeans, besides that, you're doin a great job.