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    The shirts came quick, and they're really good! Colors are nice, and the fabric is great. Sizes were too big, but returning them was easy. Got more shirts in a different size!




    I have ordered a couple times frum RushOrderTees and hav ben realy impressed with the quality. I also luv how easy it is to design our work shirts within their system. Customer service is top notch and I look forward to using their services for years to come.




    This company, y'know, I got somethin' I kept, but it's all messed up. I saw it when I washed it by hand, can't even wear it now. The shoulder of this jacket, the seam ain't sewn right, half of it's undone. I don't know nothin' 'bout sewin', gotta pay more to fix it. This expensive thing, straight outta the box, now I gotta fix it 'fore wearin' it. I'm real let down.