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    I usually get cakes for holidays and family birthdays. This time, Thomas wasn't there to set up pickup for my dad's birthday cake. I needed it on May 15 instead of May 16. The staff I talked to were unhelpful and rude. I won't buy cakes or shop here again.

  • Weee!



    Neck day delivery. Wee products are great. I ordered fruits & Vegtable - get good quatity and quality ( really fresh). Roast duck look great as well. My close friends told me about Wee. I will be weee customer from now on.

  • So, like 2 years ago, this worker told me Sprouts wanted to match Whole Food's prices. But now, prices even higher. I can get same stuff elsewhere. Checked 5 items, Sprouts costliest. Silk soy milk, Whole Food $4.99, Safeway $4.99, Sprouts sale $5.99, non-sale over $6.00. Bell peppers tiny and pricier. Shop around, save money. Don't go there now. Also, Facebook only 3 stars.