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    Brenda Cook


    I looked forward to testing this food delivery service and began ordering three weeks ago with a designated Wednesday delivery. Unfortunately, the initial delivery arrived late on Friday, the second on Thursday, and this week, an email on Friday conveyed loss or damage in shipping, resulting in no delivery. While the food quality is satisfactory, the inconsistency in delivery timing is disappointing, making it challenging to plan effectively.


    Diane Fontneau


    The company offers a commendable range of fresh, healthy meals, perfect for hectic workdays. The variety is good, providing satisfaction. Personally, I find six boxes a week a bit much; a preference for a more manageable 4 box week would enhance the experience.




    Despite some catering hiccups, the remarkable customer service compensates well. Amazon Prime collaboration enhances Grubhub's standing among competitors. Satisfied with the overall experience, I'll stick with it.