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About company

Vinero UK brings the world of wines to your doorstep, offering an extensive collection of Romanian and European wines at the best prices. Their curated selection includes renowned brands such as Purcari, Recas, Cricova, and Gitana. Customers can explore a diverse assortment of Romanian, Moldavian, Italian, and Greek wines, choosing from a range of options. For cost-effective choices, they can opt for a case of 6 bottles to access attractive discounts. Vinero UK ensures convenient delivery anywhere in the UK, allowing wine enthusiasts to enjoy quality wines without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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After reading some reviews, I
by Cris

After reading some reviews, I got concerned about ordering wines from here. But my experience turned out good. Wines arrived in 11 days, all good. Delivery driver was nice, waited for me a bit.

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I just bought some rum bottles
by Anonymous

I just bought some rum bottles from this site, spending over £100. Unfortunately, my order never arrived, and the seller hasn't responded to my messages. It seems like this website is run by scammers. I wouldn't recommend using it or buying anything. I give them a 0-star rating because they're not reliable and have terrible customer support. Be careful with your money!

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I ordered wines and, despite some concerns raised by other reviews, my experience was excellent
by Cristina Certezeanu

I ordered wines and, despite some concerns raised by other reviews, my experience was excellent. The wines arrived in perfect condition just 11 days after placing the order. The delivery driver's communication was outstanding, and he even waited a few extra minutes for me to arrive home. This positive experience has alleviated any initial worries, and I'm pleased with the service. I recommend others to consider their own experiences and perhaps give them a chance, as my encounter was smooth and satisfactory. Cheers to a successful wine delivery!

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Terrible experience
by Jeann

After spending approximately €280, I received a single confirmation email from EURO DRINKS DISTRIBUTION SRL and another from the company itself. Despite multiple follow-up emails and attempted calls to various addresses, there has been no response. This lack of communication raises concerns about their customer service reliability or, worse, the possibility of a scam. It's disheartening and strongly advises potential customers to exercise caution and, if possible, consider alternative options to avoid similar issues.

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