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  • Wulf'



    I'm from Virginia where blue crab soft shells are local to the area and we can rarely get them here in New England. So when I saw Wulf's had soft shell crabs available, I immediately ordered two packs and after eating them (mmmm...) ordered 10 more packs. Plump, delicious, flash frozen so taste fresh, and took me back to Virginia cracking blue crabs in the summer and frying up softshell in the spring. So thank you for caring them!




    We tried Omaha Steaks and signed up for Gold member. Big mistake. First order all wrong and thawed. They did resend it but no discount. Second order took 6 days, all thawed. Called again, they'll resend it. If it comes, tomorrow, 4 days. We like the food, it makes life easier, but two orders, two issues. Not good for Omaha Steaks. Last order maybe.

  • The site works well now. Food is awesome and arrives Frozen and fresh. But no veterans discount, so I buy beef from Patriot Foods in Michigan, they offer 20% off, and they help local farmers and veterans too.