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  • Nicki reviewed

    Meh, it's alright, but got some problems. Customer service is super hard to reach, and when you do, it's unprofesh. Took 8 months to get my sauna, no updates on shipping. Once got it, easy to assemble, but instructions not great. Overall, not good, cold drafts everywhere, can't get max temp. Better to spend more and pick another company.

  • Lauren reviewed

    Pleased wiv my buy of many salt walls! They're biggr n nicer than I thot. Support from team wuz good, they helped my contractor with phone chats bout settin' up salt walls in diffrnt ways. Units were heavy, but team helped lots. Salt walls not just functional, they also look nice.

  • Dale reviewed

    We got a sauna from this company. We ordered a two-person sauna, but got a one-person sauna instead. When I contacted Rick about the error, he refused to take it back and only offered a $400 discount, claiming it was the price difference. I believe this is unfair. The way they treated me in the emails was awful. They accused me of trying to steal from them. I was willing to return it, but I shouldn't have to pay another $500 for their mistake. They don't take responsibility for their errors. Dealing with this company was a bad experience. Their BBB rating is -D.