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    IJL paid close attention and asked many questions about the kind of person I wanted to meet. This helped make the date successful because we both shared common interests.


    Terry Kelly


    This company is a big disappointment. I've tried to get my money back multiple times, but they don't even bother to respond. Over the course of a year, they only found four potential matches for me, and one of them backed out. The other three were just okay, not really what I was looking for. Despite sending them pictures of my preferences, they seem to ignore my feedback completely. It's a complete mess.

  • I embarked on my inaugural date arranged by the matchmaker Marina, and it turned out to be a fantastic initial experience! Every aspect aligned well, except for the physical chemistry, a variable that can only truly be gauged in person. Despite this, I had a delightful evening and am eagerly anticipating my next match. Marina impresses with her thoughtful questions and genuine interest in aiding me in finding my ideal partner. I am genuinely pleased that I decided to sign up!