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  • Sean C reviewed

    I prepaid for parking at the 9th St Garage. When I got there, the app wouldn't scan, so I had to pay again. I showed I paid, but they said Parkwhiz is a 3rd party and I'd have to ask for a refund. I did, and got an auto email saying wait 3-5 days. Krista Mae from the company asked for proof of payment. I sent it. I've waited 10 days and emailed Krista 4 times with no reply. This company doesn't care about customers. Don't use this app!

  • Tom reviewed

    They don't actually honor the reservation. Booked months in advance, 8 days before event they email that they are substituting a space much further from the venue, but don't worry, I can pat full price...

  • Sid pelosi reviewed

    I'm really disappointed with this company. Twice, I couldn't park because the garage was full. I was late for appointments at Mount Sinai Hospital both times. The attendants suggested I call ParkWhiz to complain, but they couldn't help. I don't trust this company anymore.