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  • Erin reviewed

    These new undies are like a second skin - soft, seamless, and light as air. They stay put even during workouts and look great under leggings. I've got a pair in every cute design now and won't go back to uncomfortable undies!

  • Amanda reviewed

    I love the undies, they’re really cute and comfy. All the patterns are great. I enjoy the social media ads. The girls are funny and good looking! I always see their ads on Instagram. I'll definitely keep buying Cheekboss. It's all I wear for underwear now!

  • Dyana reviewed

    I got a blanket and a few beach towels. The blanket's nice, but I wish it was bigger. I prefer it to be longer on the sides, reaching the bottom of my mattress. I've got a king bed and it's just a bit short for me (but it's still on my bed). The towels I haven't used at the beach yet, so not sure if they're sand-free. I used mine as a shawl on the plane and later as a blanket. I can say it's water-resistant. I opened my life straw water bottle with the towel in my lap on the flight. A water fountain exploded from my bottle and all of it landed on my lap. The towel saved me from walking around wet. The water just rolled on top of the towel and didn't soak in. I'll definitely buy more. I really like them!