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    I only used freeCodeCamp for 3 months to learn html and css and my experience wasn't good. The explanations are poorly written and don't explain why we need to do things. I wouldn't suggest it to beginners because of the unclear explanations. It's a big problem that the explanations are only in English and you have to use Google Translate. It's really disappointing. There's no forum for help and the advice is unclear. But the website looks nice and the sponsor bear is cute.

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    Customer service is wonderful. Supportive and the payment team is ready to help lower fees in some instances. It's good that they spend time to understand the issue and deal fairly with the client with due respect.

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    The company seems fine overall, but we faced a problem with our IP getting flagged for bad stuff on many dns providers like CloudFlare. It seems like our VPS IP was used for illegal things before. Even after changing our IP, it still got flagged. Except for the flagged IPs, we had no issues with Amazon. Prices are good and uptime is steady.