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  • Daniel reviewed

    Our experience with the company was mixed. We were a small group of 4 among a larger school group. We had minimal say in planning and decisions. The tour guide's pace was tiring, more about rushing to the bus than exploring history. However, we enjoyed the stops. The pre-ordered dinners were disappointing—cold and not a true taste of Italian food.

  • Beat reviewed

    I enjoyed the wide range of options for saving on travel and found the purchasing process to be straightforward and easy!

  • Jan reviewed

    Road Scholar requires a nonrefundable $100 deposit. It's hard to find in all the paperwork, but they say it's there??? I paid $170 for trip cancellation, it was less than 10 days, and they agreed it was a valid health reason. I was told everything would be refunded. I think that person made a mistake. That's not true. Can't trust this company...if for UN coveted reason they will put that money on a future trip. But if you don't pay for another trip, they will always keep at least $100.. they will keep more rhe closer to your date. That is very clearly spelled out. Don't try to get them to answer phone. They will not Don't believe "they will hold your place and call you back" They will not Don't believe they will answer emails promptly. They will not I can imagine what a disaster it would be if I needed to contact while traveling