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    Tahir Javed


    My interaction with CosmetixClub was mediocre at best. I had anticipated a more impressive experience but found it to be rather ordinary. Their product selection is average, and the pricing falls within the standard range. While the website layout is acceptable, it doesn't stand out. I'm hesitant to recommend them due to concerns about whether the items will match their descriptions or turn out to be of low quality, a common issue with some companies. Additionally, the presence of several typos on the site raises questions about attention to detail. While I wouldn't label them as bad, I consider them to be an average option. I might consider them for a specific need, but they wouldn't be my go-to choice.


    Matties Market


    I reached out to them to obtain a quote as I needed one, and the response from Ben Dweck was far from helpful. To add to the frustration, politeness seemed to be lacking in his communication. Despite my efforts to explain the situation, I received neither a quote nor a response. I cannot recommend them at all!


    Rebecca bech


    The prices are great, and the delivery process is efficient. The fragrances are authentic, and I appreciate the thoughtful packaging that ensures the decants are delivered safely without any leaks. This is, in my opinion, the best decant site.