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About company

Reverse Health introduces a groundbreaking weight loss program tailored specifically for menopause. Over a span of 12 weeks, many participants have experienced significant transformations, shedding 15-25 pounds and mitigating bothersome menopause symptoms. This isn't just another diet; it's a lifestyle designed to address menopausal challenges such as unwanted weight gain and hot flashes. Members benefit from personalized meal plans, granting access to an extensive recipe library with 3000+ options. The program provides a user-friendly app featuring meal plan tracking, weight monitoring, mood and exercise logs for enhanced accountability. With exclusive access to a Facebook group of over 20,000 members, weekly FAQ calls with nutrition coaches, monthly live sessions with menopause experts, and a comprehensive 12-week video coaching course on nutrition and mindset, Reverse Health offers a holistic approach to women's well-being during menopause. They also supply beginner-friendly exercise videos, supplement recommendations, and round-the-clock support through their chat feature.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Matt Jones.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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This company disappointingly
by Candace Svendson

This company disappointingly lacks laptop support, limiting its functionality to only mobile devices. I recently joined and promptly requested a refund on the same day. I just wrapped up a chat with Jessica from accounts payable, crossing my fingers for a swift refund process. It's crucial to be mindful of this limitation if you prefer not to be restricted to your mobile device, and that's precisely why I've chosen not to continue using their services.

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by Betsy

Watch out the site leads you to add what you think is included in subscription only to be billed over $150. Monthly. No one answers phone calls to have this corrected and emails are sent stated you cannot cancel., even though website says you have 24 hours to review.

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Anyone considering this company
by Sharon

Anyone considering this company should be aware that it's a scam. Even if you input accurate information such as a healthy height, weight, frequent exercise, and a balanced diet, the quiz generates a misleading outcome. It falsely states that your metabolic age is much higher than your actual age, suggesting potential health risks. Simultaneously, the webpage bombards you with a time-limited 'offer.' These quiz results are deceptive, offering no genuine health or dietary guidance, only employing fear tactics to drive hasty sales. This approach is entirely unethical.

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I've been using this program to work on maintaining a healthy weight
by Sheryl Kramer

I've been using this program to work on maintaining a healthy weight, and I'm enjoying the new, simple recipe ideas it offers. What really stands out is their chat support – I typically receive responses on the same day, which is fantastic. The exercises are effective, but I'm curious if there are more options available if I decide to increase the intensity. It's great to have a sense of accountability and access to new ideas within the program's community. Overall, it's been a positive experience that's helped me along my health journey.

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I've been using this meal plan, and honestly, it's becoming repetitive
by Pam Fite

I've been using this meal plan, and honestly, it's becoming repetitive. The recipes seem to cycle over and over again, leaving me wanting more variety. The exercise and tips offered aren't anything groundbreaking; I've come across similar advice before. Converting measurements into US standards can be a hassle, and having to Google some ingredients due to differing names in other countries is also inconvenient. It would be great if the plan addressed these issues for a smoother user experience.

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