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  • Tarik L reviewed

    Really quick to respond, super professional, no issues at all. Got my property rented within a day of listing with ZipRent. Their prices are the most competitive for such a great job.

  • PAMELA reviewed

    I'm glad we discovered this program; it's helping us plan to pay off our mortgage and retire. Maria was helpful through the process, and the modules were informative in explaining everything. I wish I'd found this earlier; maybe we could have paid off the house sooner.

  • Mary reviewed

    I noticed my home, owned for 20 years, listed under wrong names. I asked for a correction, but they said it couldn't be done. They said the info came from public sources. The names listed never owned this property. They then asked if I was a member. It costs to join, and doesn't fix the wrong data. Very unsettling.