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    I lost 40 lbs. Nutrisystem food tasty, few not good. Tried teriyaki chicken/noodles, definitely reorder. 3rd or 4th time with Nutrisystem, pleased. Chicken enchiladas, stuffed shells horrible, too much on shells, sauce bad, enchiladas nasty. Overall, Nutrisystem 4 1/2 rating.




    I placed an order with Whole Foods a few hours before my scheduled 8 to 10 delivery window. Noticed I didn't need one item and required two more. Couldn't remove the unwanted item or add the needed ones without it creating a new order with an $8.95 delivery fee for the same time slot. Spent an hour trying to reach customer service, but they were unhelpful. Unsure how to get credit for the unwanted item. I've been an Amazon customer for years and usually find it easy to resolve issues, but perhaps Whole Foods orders have different customer service standards.

  • Jus' went to Richmond WFM for 3 coffees, no line, but the lady makin' the coffees cared more 'bout talkin' to a guy than servin' us. But when she did, the coffees were good!