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About company

Aqua Science stands out as a prominent supplier in the field of well drinking water treatment systems and equipment. Recognized nationally, they offer an extensive range of products, including submersible well pumps, booster pumps, pressure tanks, and filtration systems. Renowned brands like Amtrol Well X Trol, Goulds, and Grundfos feature prominently in their inventory, ensuring quality and reliability. As a trusted source, Aqua Science caters to diverse needs within the realm of well water solutions, showcasing their commitment to providing top-tier products from reputable brands for optimal water treatment and supply.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Richmond, United States.
  • Founders: AquaScience's President is Lawrence Casey. 
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1984.

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Found the pump I wanted

Found the pump I wanted and think the price was fair. But the website moving so slow. Would've bought more stuff, but it's too hard to find parts. Chose this business 'cause I bought from y'all before and liked the product. Also, this was one of the cheaper prices for the pump.

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Was kinda nice to deal with!
by Anonymous

Was kinda nice to deal with! Had a problem with my order (didn't put my address right), but after a call, they fixed it, sent tracking the next day, and my stuff arrived quick! When I set it up, I had some questions and called again. Same good experience. Everyone I talked to was really nice and helpful! (Which isn't always the case with other businesses). Think you should try Aqua Science, and I'll probably go back for more stuff!

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Aqua Science surpassed
by Cory M.

Aqua Science surpassed my expectations when I inquired about a well tank and control setup. Their expertise was evident as they not only understood my requirements but also suggested a more efficient and safer plumbing solution. The staff was exceptionally knowledgeable, patient, and reassuring throughout the ordering process. The same-day shipment ensured I received all the well-packaged parts promptly.

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I had a crucial point and my jet pump
by Ron B.

I had a crucial point and my jet pump was on its final stretch. After contacting Aqua Science, their technician provided impressive expertise and friendliness while discussing a replacement Goulds pump. The website's prices, accessible to all, were a pleasant surprise. I ordered the pump and necessary components, receiving them the very next day. Aqua Science's swift service and quality support exceeded my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any plumbing project. Exceptional work!

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Regrettably, my valve order came
by Clyde D.

Regrettably, my valve order came incomplete, lacking essential connection adapters. Despite a delayed response from the company, they eventually addressed the issue, dispatching the missing parts. Unfortunately, the tardiness forced me to purchase adapters elsewhere, incurring an additional cost of $40. While the representative acted promptly upon response, the overall experience left me out of pocket and with surplus connectors. A mixed bag of delayed resolution and unexpected expenses.

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