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    Schalk Burger


    The company effortlessly delivers reliable service in a trustworthy location. Their pricing aligns with US counterparts, minus the annoying upsell tactics. Simple, effective, and cost-effective.

  • Getting swindled out of $510 is absurd. The trip was scheduled for October 2024, but EF suddenly shifted it to March 2025. This wasn't our agreement, yet they're only refunding $544. Unjust, right? Losing the $95 is understandable, but snatching $510 when EF's date switch caused the cancellation is plain wrong! I won't consider opportunities for my other two kids because it's just a chance to have money snatched. Beware, parents! Keep your distance and stay vigilant!


    Fifer Sarath


    This company's approach to customer service is absurd. Requiring a tip for a phone conversation with a representative is unreasonable. The mandatory tip before canceling a reservation adds unnecessary complications. I strongly advise steering clear of this business.