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    Lunch lady


    The sales representative assured me of the part's compatibility, but upon arrival, it differed from the website image. They seemed clueless about the discrepancy and, upon returning it, I was slapped with a restocking fee. Communication and product alignment were disappointing.


    Chandler Nunez


    This company displays a concerning practice of unauthorized credit card charges, even below the minimum threshold. I experienced seven consecutive charges of $10 within an hour, surpassing any reasonable session amount. Despite attempts to reach customer support through phone, social media, and email, the issue remains unresolved. The lack of response suggests a blatant disregard for customers, raising alarms about potential unauthorized transactions. Caution is advised.

  • The Wood Veneer Hub



    James Wailani and his team played a vital role in successfully wrapping up a 30-day project with our clients. The wall slat panels proved ideal for our custom millwork. James and his team demonstrated a commitment to providing the right product, maintaining accurate inventory availability, and ensuring swift and efficient shipping. I'm eager to recommend them to colleagues and anticipate future collaborations.