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    Shannon Clulow


    The received blanket proves ideal – its substantial weight ensures stability, no annoying sliding. Our canine companions are big fans.

  • HealthySmiles Pet Dental

    Irma pfister


    This dog teeth cleaning service offered a budget-friendly alternative to my vet. The results were impressive, showcasing my dog's notably healthy and clean teeth in the before-and-after pictures. The procedure seemed well-tolerated by my dog, making it a recommendable choice for those seeking cost-effective and reliable service. I plan to utilize their services again in six months.

  • Bailey's CBD

    Alex Gibilisco


    Our pup faced mobility challenges due to uneven leg lengths, causing pain during play. Despite trying various solutions, Bailey's CBD oil proved to be the much-needed relief. Our furry friend now runs effortlessly without struggling to rise, exhibiting increased activity and appetite. A heartfelt thank you to the team for transforming our pet's well-being!