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    The team was friendly and provided clear explanations, addressing all my inquiries. Entrusting my debt solutions to them has instilled confidence in me, and I depart with a sense of reassurance.

  • Figo truly came through for us when our fur baby faced a sudden health crisis. In the midst of uncertainty, Figo's service was a relief. The claim process was as simple as texting a friend, and within a week, they reimbursed almost half of our vet expenses, bringing us much-needed joy. Our beloved pet is now healthy and joyful again, thanks to Figo's support during this challenging time.




    This company falls short of delivering a reliable service. Negative experiences, like mine, echo a consistent theme of poor transactions and unhelpful customer service. Despite addressing the issue with higher management, the only response received is a repetitive "SORRY." Technical problems persist for extended periods, causing legitimate stress for customers. The claim of "sending money in just a minute" is far from reality, raising doubts about the company's ability to fulfill its promises. Consider alternatives before engaging with this unreliable money transfer app.