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About company

Yaheetech is a prominent global e-commerce brand renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality products across a wide-ranging assortment. The brand's core motto, "Make your life comfortable," serves as the driving force behind their product design and functionality enhancements. Comprising a team of creative, dedicated, and ambitious individuals, Yaheetech places a strong emphasis on values like integrity, professionalism, and quality. As a testament to their success, they have risen to become one of the leading e-commerce brands in their sector, catering to customers worldwide. Notably, Yaheetech specializes in the sale of heavy goods, offering reliability and excellence in their product range.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in ONTARIO, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2003.

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I bought a White bistro set from Yaheetech on Amazon.
by Daly

I bought a White bistro set from Yaheetech on Amazon. Delivery was good, arrived well packed. But that's it. The set is so small, even adults struggle to sit. My husband is 6ft tall, he won't fit. Thought it was for kids. Chairs are low. Legs are strong but rest is lightweight, might fly away. Can't return it, husband threw packaging. Either it stays on patio looking silly or we pay Β£30 to get rid of it. Very disappointed.

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The company's products are not up to par.
by Anonymous

The company's products are not up to par. The quality is lacking, with cheap materials like wood and hardware. I'm concerned about safety, as it feels unsafe to use with clients. While it can bear some weight, it seems prone to bending. I wouldn't recommend using it with anyone over 200 lbs, and overall, I'm inclined to avoid it altogether.

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I'm quite pleased with Yaheetech Shop.
by Danni D

I'm quite pleased with Yaheetech Shop. Recently, I purchased a faux leather armchair and a side table. The quality is impressive, and the pricing is fair. The diverse product range at reasonable prices caught my eye, and the swift, free shipping added to the positive experience. I'd recommend Yaheetech Shop to those seeking affordable and quality furniture options.

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Yaheetech consistently impresses me
by Ray English

Yaheetech consistently impresses me with their furniture. The build quality and assembly instructions have pleasantly surprised me each time. Their conscientious approach to compact packing minimizes mess during assembly and reduces recycling/trash. I'll undoubtedly turn to them for future furniture needs, given their reliable quality and eco-friendly practices.

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My order encountered a hiccup as
by Roni Asmar

My order encountered a hiccup as it never shipped initially. Upon contacting customer service, they revealed it was misplaced by the carrier. Opting for a replacement, I was assured a tracking number the next day. However, the anticipation continues as I await the elusive tracking information for my bird's cage.

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Oh man, our chairs are like
by Seth Fahringer

Oh man, our chairs are like, unraveling or something. The stitches are doing a disappearing act, not cool. It's like they're pulling a Houdini on us. Not the best quality, gotta say.

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It rolls in all banged up.
by Naman Sharma

It rolls in all banged up. Sent it back, but surprise, surprise – now the package is MIA. Customer service was on radio silence mode, not responding to my emails. And the cherry on top? They won't cough up a refund. So here I am, down a good chunk of cash right when the holidays hit. Two big thumbs down for this mess. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

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The durability of the furniture from
by Seth Fahr

The durability of the furniture from this company, particularly the four bar stools I purchased, has been disappointingly low. The armrests, in particular, exhibited poor manufacturing, eventually breaking and compromising the overall quality of the stools. My experience with customer service was equally unsatisfactory. Despite reaching out for assistance, they proved unhelpful, and the issue of providing spare parts seemed to be a significant hurdle. This lack of support further detracts from the overall value of the purchase. Unfortunately, my experience has left me with the impression that the company falls short in both product durability and customer service.

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Didn't receive and no email
by Muhammad S

Didn't receive and no email giving me a travking number. Ups left my stuff outside probably. Im not sure but this is my first time. No one answers the phone lines

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Great quality glass with a nice
by micheal garrison

Great quality glass with a nice thickness. Glass panels are thicker than expected and gives me confidence that this product would last. This was a perfect fit for the fire table we ordered as well.

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My experience with this store
by Naomi F

My experience with this store was absolutely awesome. I always choose this shop over others because their shipping is lightning-fast, and the product quality is top-notch!

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Impressive customer service
by Abdul G

Impressive customer service! This company is very fast in answering any queries. Overall, I'd totally recommend them to anyone looking for their services!

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The item was shipped super
by Tess

The item was shipped super securely in a strong box. The instructions were a piece of cake to follow, and the item looks just as beautiful as it did in the pictures.

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