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This service delivers a user-friendly cross-device online reservation platform, featuring transparent upfront pricing for seamless planning. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, real human support is readily available, ensuring assistance when needed. The platform prioritizes logical connections and selects the optimal trains for efficient travel on designated routes. Emphasizing accessibility, the service upholds the belief in everyone's right to convenient global and local payment options, enhancing the overall booking experience. It's a comprehensive solution that prioritizes customer convenience, offering a streamlined and reliable approach to online train reservations.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Sliema, Malta.
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  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2017.

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Booking travel proved simple, yet a snag
by Marshall

Booking travel proved simple, yet a snag emerged when attempting to modify return tickets due to a clash with hotel check-in times. Contacting customer service for ticket adjustment became an arduous task. This predicament presents a challenge, especially considering our limited proficiency in Spanish, potentially complicating communication with the final hotel in Barcelona upon our late arrival.

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The company adopts a straightforward
by Libor Pecinka

The company adopts a straightforward approach: acquire attractive domains, such as, and create an illusion of officiality (although the mention of Rail Ninja is buried). Pricing, however, is notably inflated by over 50%, coupled with a €15 service fee. Despite the claim of transparency, the actual practice seems to contradict this assurance.

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I appreciated the fact that there were
by Teresa P

I appreciated the fact that there were available tickets. However, I found it disappointing that the price was nearly twice as much as other options for the same train and time. Renfe offered tickets for $35, while OMIO had them for $29, which is significantly cheaper if you're unable to purchase directly from the train company.

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User-Friendly, with Minor Oversight
by Stan

The service is generally user-friendly. I overlooked setting the number of passengers initially, but the system allowed me to backtrack and make the necessary adjustments before payment, avoiding any potential issues. Overall, it was a straightforward experience with just a minor oversight on my part.

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Könnyű használni.
by Keit

Könnyű használni. Nincs helyrajzi elrendezése az ülőhelyeknek, mint Olaszországban. bőséges lehetőség van választani. Nem voltam biztos, hogy mit kell ellenőriznem, és szerettem volna letölteni egy pdf verziót, mert nem mindig van internet-hozzáférés az utazás közben. Egyébként jó munka

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We had a nice journey from
by Nika

We had a nice journey from Dublin to Galway and back. Using the train was a good experience for us. We didn't encounter any issues with the reservation. The seats were good, and the staff was well organized. They paid attention to small details that mattered.

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It was easy and quick to find trains and choose
by eric

It was easy and quick to find trains and choose what I wanted. Payment feels secure. Just one problem: I wasn't told in advance that "some" tickets weren't given right away but later. Not sure why, it wasn't explained before or after I paid...

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Evrythng was good xcept
by Nathaniel

Evrythng was good xcept 1 big thing - my wife gets ill if she goes backward when travelin. We asked for front-facin seats but got rear-facin ones instead, even tho lots of seats were free. We found front-facin seats but reservation messed up.

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The rail ninja online ticketing system
by Tom

The rail ninja online ticketing system worked well. But I had to pay an absurly high fee. I paid $57 on rail ninja for a KTX train ticket in Korea. The actual ticket price was only $31.50. I'm not happy with the excessive fees!

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The company is very easy to work with
by Joanne

The company is very easy to work with, and their website is user-friendly. The tickets came in another language, which is okay, but it would be nice to have an option to translate them or receive tickets in both languages.

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Great interface.
by Keith

Great interface. No seat layout like in Italy. Lots of choices though. Unsure about check-in details and would prefer a PDF download since I don't always have internet access while traveling. Overall, good jop.

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I couldn't access both outward and return
by Anonymous

I couldn't access both outward and return tickets in Dublin. Tried in Belfast and no way of doing this. I had to buy another ticket. I did not enjoy this experience and will never use Rail Ninja again.

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Good for booking rail journeys.
by Mr Kinsey

Rail Ninja is a good company for booking rail journeys. Booking was easy and tickets were simple to access online. I could use them on trains without printing. Experience was satisfactory. Thanks.

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The actual cost of the train
by Lauri Horte

The actual cost of the train tickets from Porto to Lisbon was €31.90 each. However, you charged £102 for the tickets. I find the commission charge of £32 to be ridiculous.

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This company, they realy care.
by Guy To

This company, they realy care. I made a mistake and they fixed it quickly. Got my money back fast. Good job!

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The company has a great app and user interface.
by Brian

The company has a great app and user interface. They deliver pre-booked tickets quickly when they're ready.

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