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About company

San Carlo stands as an esteemed restaurant group, boasting a portfolio of award-winning establishments across various cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, and Leicester, as well as ventures in the Middle East. Renowned for its culinary excellence, each San Carlo venue offers a unique dining experience characterized by exceptional service and exquisite cuisine. With a presence in vibrant urban hubs, the group caters to diverse tastes and preferences, attracting patrons seeking upscale dining options. Whether for a special occasion or casual dining, San Carlo establishments consistently deliver memorable gastronomic experiences, earning accolades and loyal clientele along the way.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • Founders: was founded by Carlo Distefano.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1992.

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I went there first time.
by Dami

I went there first time. Gonna go back for sure. Food was good! BBQ ribs and steak were best. So juicy and yummy. Ciprian, our waiter, was awesome. Made sure everything was good and his jokes made evening fun.

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Company is good.
by Mr Paul

Company is good. Food and service are nice. Wine is served well. Ambience is busy but relaxed. Overlal all good.

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The food's great, but the service is just too slow.
by Steve

The food's great, but the service is just too slow. We waited 70 minutes for 2 simple dishes. Plus, the waiter poured still water into a glass with leftover lemonade and didn't offer to replace it. It's disappointing when the service doesn't match the food. This was our second time here, but we'll be trying a different Italian place next time.

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