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About company

Katamu, established in August 2022, offers elite lifting gear that blends quality and aesthetics, empowering over 12,000 customers globally in their fitness pursuits. The brand, driven by a mission for uniqueness and originality in the lifting gear market, has evolved to inspire lifters to conquer challenges and emerge victorious in their unique journeys. With the motto "STRUGGLE. LIFT. CONQUER," Katamu encourages mental and physical strength in all aspects of life. Grateful for the support, the brand aims to make a positive difference in the lifting journey of each customer, fostering resilience and triumph.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Watertown, Wisconsin, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2022.

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Da belt's quality felt amazin'
by Jordan

Da belt's quality felt amazin' n' well made, n' da actual in action use was da best brace I’ve ever experienced.

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I'd rate them 10/10.
by Antonio S

The company's customer service genuinely cares about customers rather than just focusing on profits. They're excellent. The belt assisted me in achieving a personal record yesterday. The knee sleeves are snug as desired. My friends found the wrist wraps to be fantastic, as they protected their wrists during bench presses. Today, I'll be using the sleeves and belt for heavy squats, and I'm really looking forward to it. The products are of top-notch quality, coupled with excellent customer service.

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This company makes really
by Adan

This company makes really cool weightlifting belts. They're strong and have nice details. They support my back well when I'm lifting heavy weights. I bought three belts from Katamu because their designs are unique. I like standing out in the gym with a belt that's different from everyone else's. If you're not using Katamu belts, you're missing out on some serious gains.

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This product I got was not good right
by Jamison

This product I got was not good right from the beginning – it had a bad smell, so bad I had to keep it out of my house. I've been trying to get my money back since January 22nd for the product I sent back, but I haven't heard anything from the company since February 4th. I talked to Sergio at first, but now he doesn't reply. It's frustrating that I've had to spend so much time on this. They should just do what's right and give me my money back.

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I regretfully received a weightlifting belt that reeked of cigarette smoke, making it unsuitable for use
by Leslie F

I regretfully received a weightlifting belt that reeked of cigarette smoke, making it unsuitable for use. Attempts to contact the company for a return proved futile due to an unresponsive email address. This experience exposed sketchy business practices, leaving me dissatisfied. A warning to potential buyers: exercise caution, as the product quality and customer service fell short of expectations.

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The durability and high-quality material of this belt exceeded my expectations
by ReTive Ghøst

The durability and high-quality material of this belt exceeded my expectations. Perfect for powerlifting, it contributed significantly to surpassing my personal records. The robust construction instills confidence, and I'm eager to see the continued positive impact on my performance throughout the season. An indispensable accessory for any serious lifter, making it a fantastic investment in my fitness journey.

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