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About company

Freak Athlete specializes in crafting home gym equipment designed to enhance lower body strength and resilience. Their products are tailored to assist individuals in alleviating pain, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. The lineup includes functional equipment like the Nordic HyperExtension, WheelBarrow, Nordic Mini, and more. Whether users are in the process of injury recovery, striving for peak performance, or simply aiming to maintain overall health and reduce discomfort, Freak Athlete's equipment is a valuable companion on their fitness journey.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Benji Stark-Elster.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

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The Nordic Hyper by Freak Athlete
by Erin

The Nordic Hyper by Freak Athlete falls short of our expectations, lacking the versatility and user-friendliness we had anticipated. The tutorial video provided by the founders' team skips essential construction steps and oversimplifies processes, resulting in a building experience that falls below even IKEA standards. The transition from use to storage is surprisingly immobile, and despite its marked dimensions, the Nordic Hyper occupies a significant footprint in the home, feeling cumbersome and regrettable. Unfortunately, the regrettable purchase has led to minimal usage, as the numerous configuration changes required for different exercises, storage, and reopening have proven inconvenient. While the team behind the product seems cool, I find myself regretting the decision to purchase the Nordic Hyper.

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I'm quite disappointed with my recent order experience
by CS

I'm quite disappointed with my recent order experience. Although I received an email on October 13th indicating that my product had shipped, it's been over two weeks, and I haven't received it. To make matters worse, I was informed that there was an issue with the marketplace, and my order number changed. I haven't received any tracking information or further details about the shipment. What's even more confusing is that I received emails inquiring about my satisfaction with the equipment, when, in fact, I haven't received it yet. This experience has eroded my trust in the process, and I expected to have the product by now.

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The company's advertising showcasing
by Sonja P

The company's advertising showcasing different users caught my attention. The bench seemed easy to switch between exercises, which got me interested. The specifications looked good, and reading the reviews helped too. So, I bought one for my home gym. It arrived on time, and I managed to put it together myself without any trouble (I'm a 50+ Masters runner). The instructions were okay, though the print could've been larger. The bench is strong and really easy to use! I can have quality workouts without any hassle. The pins fit snugly, and there's no wobbling (though I weigh 120lbs). Plus, it's easy to store, which is great.

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It's user-friendly
by Leon Rockamore Jr

The NordicTrack has significantly enhanced my Nordic workouts. It's user-friendly, providing comfort and convenience while not being space-intensive. However, the assembly process was excessively challenging and frustrating, resulting in a one-star deduction from my rating. Apart from that, it remains a great addition to my fitness regimen.

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I bought the bulletproof bundle
by Anonymous

I bought the bulletproof bundle when it was on sale at a garage sale and was really happy to try them out. I've been using them for my workouts and I really like them. I also got some change plates which are good too. They were delivered fast and arrived quickly. I'll definitely watch for more sales to get more equipment from them.

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Great customer service.
by Scott S

The Freak Athlete team kept me informed about shipping and delivery and reached out to make sure everything was okay. The Nordic Hyper was as good as I expected. I’ve mainly used it for back extensions, Nordic hamstring curls, and decline sit-ups so far. The video directions were great, but I wish there were written ones as well.

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Equipment is decent.
by Travis C

Equipment is decent. Had rust inside tubing, but still light and versatile. Hip thrusts wobble, but nice to have option. Back extensions and curls work well. Joints could be sturdier, but feel safe. Missed out on color-coded knob upgrade!

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