Effortless monitoring, instant insights

Stay informed with timely notifications, ensuring you never miss important updates about your online reputation!

Effortless monitoring
Prompt review engagement

Prompt review engagement

Receive instant notifications for new reviews, providing the opportunity to swiftly read, understand, and engage with customer feedback, enhancing the quality of interaction.

Manage suspicious reviews

Manage suspicious reviews

Act quickly on alerts for suspicious reviews. Freeze questionable feedback easily and investigate promptly to maintain your brand's integrity.

Monthly performance insights

Monthly performance insights

Get a clear view of your brand's engagement with insights into reviews received, page visitors, and website click-through rates. Enjoy new options!

RealReviews.io by the numbers

5 Effortless monitoring, instant insights
59% Increase in the interaction speed
37% Of suspicious reviews are rejected within the first hour of their detection


  • RealReviews' instant notifications ensure I never miss a beat, allowing me to engage with customers swiftly and enhance interaction quality.

  • Zachary

    With this handy platform, I catch suspicious reviews early, maintaining brand integrity and improving the order process for seamless customer interaction.

  • Timely online notifications empower me to respond faster, resulting in quicker social interactions and a smoother customer experience. I’m impressed!

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