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Specializing in creating lasting memories and joy, this travel agency operates as Worldwide Tour & Travel Specialists. Their commitment is encapsulated in a motto: delivering the best travel experiences at incredible prices, leveraging an extensive global network and years of industry expertise. The driving force behind their endeavors is the inspiration drawn from customers, whose desires fuel the agency's determination to take them to the farthest corners of the globe. Transforming dreams into cherished realities, this company provides wings to aspirations, leaving travelers with lifelong memories of unforgettable experiences. Their passion lies in crafting journeys that become indelible parts of each customer's life story.

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  • Location: The company is headquartered in Houston, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1999.

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Complete SCAM
by Rocio

They offer to you a price. Once you give the CCredit Card details and pay for it, they tell you the ticket now is the double. You have to decide if paying the double for the ticket or pay them $120 for cancelation fee. They are "kidnapping" your credit card number and "blackmail" you with that. DON'T BUY ANYTHING HERE!!!!!!

Jeremy helped me with my flights
by Pat

Jeremy helped me with my flights on Southwest Airlines' website today. After I booked, SW tried to up the price on me. I had a frustrating morning with hang ups and tough talks. Jeremy made sure my booking was confirmed. I really liked his help.

Mr. Dyson did a good job
by Jame

Mr. Dyson did a good job finding what we needed. Flights were good and seats were nice. Thanks for being helpful.

I booked a ticket online for $380,
by Cesar

I booked a ticket online for $380, thinking that was the final price. However, shortly after, I received a call explaining that this amount only secured the seat, and I needed to pay an additional $400 for the ticket. I mentioned that the website displayed a different price, but was told it hadn't been updated. Despite being offered a better deal compared to the airline's price, I requested to cancel. Initially, I was informed that cancellation wasn't possible due to the economy/basic fare. After some discussion, they agreed to cancel without a fee as a one-time courtesy.

Anne K provided great assistance today.
by Sabrina

Anne K provided great assistance today. She cleared up my confusion about the website, making it simpler for me to find improved flights and grasp my previous selections. Her help was significant.

I asked KENZO about a trip
by Anonymous

I asked KENZO about a trip from San Francisco to Santa Fe. He did lots of research and gave me info about availability, safety, options, and price. He helped me with all my questions. My wife couldn't make it on time, so we had to delay the trip. But having someone like KENZO around will be useful when we can fly south. He's a great representative for you. Thank you.

Caught in a bind after missing an
by Mike

Caught in a bind after missing an Emirates flight, Jerry at TravelMakers came through. He was accommodating and efficiently resolved the resulting issues. A reliable figure, making TravelMakers a solid choice for travel assistance.

Deceptive practices. Advertised
by Anonymous

Deceptive practices. Advertised prices are misleading, and confirmation is delayed after obtaining credit card details. Cancelling was a hassle, requiring persistence with multiple agents. Astonishingly, they proposed a cancellation fee in exchange for a favorable review. Opted for a different platform, wary of potential misuse of credit card information.

Jason and Charles provided assistance
by Ellen Rie

Jason and Charles provided assistance, yet Delta's strict policies adversely affect customers. My name was misspelled on a ticket, resulting in a $355 fare increase due to rate changes. This experience is unreasonable. Despite Jason and Charles' efforts to rectify the error, a resolution proved elusive. Awarding 4 stars as a nod to their assistance, but future engagements with Delta are to be avoided.

Booking my flight online from Canada
by Moe Cyr

Booking my flight online from Canada with a USA credit card was a challenge. Charles, the customer service representative, eventually succeeded after multiple attempts. His persistence and resourcefulness made the process manageable. The overall experience was satisfactory, and Charles demonstrated commendable assistance.

I booked a flight through this
by Carmen Torres

I booked a flight through this company for a friend, but unfortunately, she had to cancel due to her fear of flying. The agent, Jaden, whom I initially booked the flight with, was unhelpful when I tried to cancel just four hours later. The company claimed it was non-refundable and lacked a 24-hour cancellation policy. The customer service experience was dreadful, with multiple hang-ups by the supervisor. Moreover, reaching them was challenging, as the customer service number led to a voicemail that never returned calls. Communication was also an issue, as some representatives did not speak English well. I strongly advise against booking with this company to avoid potential issues and suggest considering alternatives like CheapOair. It's disappointing to feel misled by a company that appears to engage in questionable practices, such as using personal credit cards for bookings to prevent customers from receiving airline credits.

Rayon to the rescue!
by Amodhkant S

Rayon to the rescue! Had some hiccups with my Air Canada reservation, but this legend sorted it out in no time – like, within minutes. Talk about efficiency!

Niel K, you rock!
by Gagandeep Singh

Niel K, you rock! Dealt with some flight booking drama for myself and my crew, but Niel was on it like a pro. Initially, there was a mix-up with my guests' return flights, set for Nashville instead of Memphis. I hit up Niel and others, and while it took a bit, Niel hustled to get it sorted. Had to wait a couple of weeks, but after some back-and-forths, the issue got fixed. Kudos to Niel for pulling through!

Big shoutout to Walt, the
by Tom Singel

Big shoutout to Walt, the travel guru! This dude is the real deal – went through a ton of date and flight combos like a pro. Super friendly, polite, and patient through it all. If there's a gold star for travel experts, he's got it!

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