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About company

KeyMe Locksmiths is a highly reputable 24-hour locksmith service known for its unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They excel in handling residential and commercial lockouts, securing homes with state-of-the-art systems, repairing and installing locks, replacing car keys, and providing assistance in emergency lockout situations. KeyMe Locksmiths also offers precise key duplication services, covering home, office, and car keys, as well as key fobs and access cards. They can assist with installing various types of locks, from smart locks and door locks to deadbolts and file cabinet locks. For those locked out or in need of an appointment with a licensed locksmith, KeyMe Locksmiths offers transparent flat-rate pricing and prompt service.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: KeyMe Locksmiths was founded by Greg Marsh.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2012.

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The company's website promises
by Kaitlyn

The company's website promises upfront pricing, but I found they actually overcharged me. Although they managed to program a new key for my car, it only starts the car and doesn't lock or unlock it. I have to manually pull out the key from the worn key fob each time. Despite their 30-day warranty, they wouldn't refund my money for the faulty key. Customer service wasn't helpful either.

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Tried out the KeyMe kiosk at Safeway
by tmtmgtm

Tried out the KeyMe kiosk at Safeway for key duplication; both copies turned out ineffective. Moreover, the resultant keys are uncomfortably sharp, posing a potential safety hazard for users.

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Arrived at the airport late, locked
by Erissa Pennington

Arrived at the airport late, locked out of the car. Contacted Keyme for assistance, and they sent someone promptly. The technician unlocked the car efficiently, but the shock came when presented with a hefty bill of $345, plus an extra 5% for using a credit card, blaming it on the weather. Customer service offered a mere $30 reimbursement, contradicting their website's promise of providing a price quote beforehand. Disappointing experience with misleading practices and unreasonably high charges.

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We found ourselves in a tight spot
by Erissa Pennington

We found ourselves in a tight spot at the airport around 10:30p, locked out of our car. Seeking assistance from Keyme, they promptly sent someone despite the freezing 15-degree weather. While the technician efficiently unlocked our car, the surprise came with the bill – a staggering $345, plus an extra 5% for using a credit card. Despite the company's website promising upfront pricing, we were taken aback. Complaints to customer service only yielded a meager $30 reimbursement. Disappointingly, their actions didn't align with their advertised transparency and left us feeling misled and overcharged.

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My experience with KeyMe locksmiths was
by Victor L

My experience with KeyMe locksmiths was beyond disappointing. They irresponsibly damaged my store door lock, claimed inability to repair it, and vanished after promising to return the next day. Shockingly, they manipulated my employee into paying a whopping $729.29, never to fulfill their commitment. Opting for a different locksmith, I got the job done promptly for a reasonable $150. KeyMe's behavior was criminal, prompting us to report to both the BBU and the police. Avoid this company at all costs for your security's sake.

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I found myself in a lockout situation and
by rocco

I found myself in a lockout situation and reached out to KeyMe locksmiths. While the response time was quick, the locksmith lacked expertise and proper tools. Despite a quoted $200 for the emergency, it took over two hours, my drill, and an unexpected $250 charge to open two locks. The cost, coupled with having to replace the doorknobs, made it an expensive and inconvenient experience. Opting for KeyMe locksmiths turned out to be pricier, more time-consuming, and less effective than alternative solutions. I cannot recommend this company for locksmith services.

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Getting the keys made

Getting the keys made was a breeze, and it was lightning fast. I placed a big order, and they got it all done in no time.

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I recently got some keys made
by Chanda Bl

I recently got some keys made, and they had to be sent to me because the blank was pretty unusual. They arrived really fast, but unfortunately, they didn't work. They looked really close, but apparently, there was just enough of a difference to make them not work. I reached out to KeyMe, and they promptly apologized and issued a full refund without any hassle. It's fantastic dealing with a reliable company that stands by its products. Just to give you an idea of how tricky these keys were, I went to four locksmiths before finally finding one who had the correct blanks and could make working keys. So, these weren't your run-of-the-mill locks. I'll definitely turn to KeyMe for all my future needs.

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