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About company

Desenio is a brand deeply passionate about interior design, with a specific focus on Scandinavian aesthetics. Their mission is to make stylish wall art accessible and affordable to a broad audience. Operating across 33 countries, they continually expand into new markets. Desenio offers an extensive selection of posters, frames, hangers, picture ledges, and clips, making it Scandinavia's most comprehensive source for wall art. They regularly introduce new items to their collection to stay in sync with the latest interior and Scandinavian design trends, ensuring there's something to complement every room and interior style. Desenio is the destination for those seeking both style and affordability in home decor.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Lewis Center, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2010.

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Placed an order a month
by Caroline B

Placed an order a month ago, and the items have not arrived. Upon contacting the company, a representative mentioned the likelihood of the original package being lost and promised to send a replacement. Unfortunately, the customer has not received the replacement either, facing prolonged delays or potential loss once again. Expressing frustration, the customer notes that this is the first time encountering such problems with online orders. They characterize the overall experience as terrible and declare their decision never to make another purchase from the company. The customer suggests that, considering the trouble faced, they should have received their order for free.

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I encountered a hiccup with a duplicated
by Veenu Sandhu

I encountered a hiccup with a duplicated order due to a browser glitch. Despite promptly reaching out and receiving conflicting instructions about returning the duplicate, the issue persists. Numerous follow-ups yielded little progress, with a prolonged refund timeline. Surprisingly, their production/shipping oversight missed the glaring duplicate order. While the product and shipping met expectations, the prolonged and convoluted customer service process has left me dissatisfied, extending beyond a reasonable resolution timeframe. As of February 9th, the matter remains unresolved.

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I appreciate the product; it closely
by Melanie G.

I appreciate the product; it closely resembles the image and boasts good quality. Patience paid off waiting for its availability. However, it would enhance customer satisfaction to include the wall-mounting piece with the frame.

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While the print was
by Azra

While the print was beautiful, the disappointment stems from the fact that the frame arrived broken. The customer had to discard the frame, which is disheartening, especially considering the price point of the product.

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