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About company

24/7 Techies, a leading tech support provider, ensures an exceptional experience for thousands of customers by delivering quality support services for their computers. With a specialization in tech support, 24/7 Techies guarantees assistance anytime and anywhere through the Internet. Their dedicated team excels in providing cost-effective IT services, earning the satisfaction of a global customer base. The company's commitment to excellence is evident in its track record of delivering reliable and efficient tech support. As a trusted ally in the digital realm, 24/7 Techies stands out for its expertise and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
  • Founders: 247techies.tech was founded by Harsha Wimalasekere.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2021.

Customer reviews

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My encounter with 247's tech support featured good customer service
by MN Nice

My encounter with 247's tech support featured good customer service, but the primary issue persisted. They successfully rerouted future sent emails to the sent folder, but retrieving emails sent approximately 3 weeks ago proved unsuccessful. While I appreciated their efforts, the inability to recover past emails highlighted a gap in resolving the core problem, leaving room for enhancement in their troubleshooting capabilities.

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I've been a customer of this company
by Sandra

I've been a customer of this company for years, consistently paying their bi-annual fee. Their customer service is unparalleled—always helpful and polite. I recently encountered a challenge with a PDF document, needing to input personal details and remove certain content. Despite my struggles, the team at 247 stepped in and effortlessly handled it for me. Their prompt and efficient service truly exceeded my expectations.

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As someone with a home, contents
by Stephen Pope

As someone with a home, contents, and a car, insurance for my computer is just as crucial. 247techies serves as the reliable insurance for my digital realm. Their exceptional service ensures that any computer issue is promptly addressed and resolved, offering peace of mind around the clock. Trustworthy and efficient, 247techies is my go-to solution for keeping my computers running seamlessly.

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My experience earns a solid 5 stars!
by Betty

My experience earns a solid 5 stars! Daniel, Max, and Alex went above and beyond with their patience and assistance. As an 84-year-old with limited tech knowledge, their support was invaluable, creating a stress-free and positive encounter. A heartfelt thank you to the team for making my experience so pleasant and seamless.

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Quick service, yet encountered a hiccup
by Mihai

Quick service, yet encountered a hiccup with my Microsoft Office auto-update. The tech searched extensively and assured me all was fine. Unbeknownst to them, Microsoft altered its policy for Office Home and Student (lifetime use). Awareness of such issues could enhance service quality.

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