Gears of Change: 8 Companies Driving the Evolution of Cycling

Cycling isn’t as popular as other modes of transportation, as there are only six cities in the world (including Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Beijing, Rotterdam, and Berlin) where bicycles stand for over 10% of all journeys. However, governments and urban dwellers are getting increasingly more interested in bikes and e-bikes. Not only does cycling increase physical activity levels coincidentally improving fitness levels and reducing the risks of diseases, but it’s also becoming a faster way of transportation for big cities, where the average car speed does not exceed 10 mph

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E-bikes were among the first technologies that drove the cycling revolution. While in the US they made for less than 1% of all bicycles sold, in China, there were over 32 million e-bikes sold in 2013. In 2023, the overall number of e-bikes was expected to exceed 300 million worldwide, and the trend will continue in the foreseeable future.

Still, electric motors aren’t the only things promoting cycling. Bike-sharing solutions, advanced software integrations, and safety accessories are equally important for the rise of bikes. And today we look at eight companies driving the cycling changes on a global scale. 

Himiway: Pioneers of Long-Range, All-Terrain E-Bikes

Although Himiway has a broad range of e-bikes for urban and family needs, it is most recognized for its all-terrain e-bikes that can handle any off-road conditions. Top-of-the-line models, such as Cruiser, Zebra, and Cobra rely on powerful motors and advanced 48V batteries (with a capacity of up to 17.5 Ah) to deliver a top speed of 20 mph and a range of up to 80 miles on a full charge. Full suspension, hydraulic brakes, and extra-fat tires are complimented by smaller accessories and safety features like reflective sidewall stripes and taillights.

While Himiway pricing reflects its advanced features, customers get nice perks. For example, all new buyers enjoy free shipping with a 15-day trial. Moreover, Himiway bikes come with a 2-year warranty, and riders can access quality service and support via a network of local shops across the US. Judging by thousands of positive Himiway reviews, the e-bikes live up to their glowing reputation.

Buzzbike: Transforming Urban Mobility with Bike Subscriptions

Buzzbike is a UK-based all-inclusive bike subscription that covers traditional and e-bikes. Aside from getting on-demand bike delivery after signup, new members can also enjoy a variety of services. For example, if the bike requires repairs, all Buzzbike subscribers need to do is choose the relevant issue in the app and arrange a convenient time for a visit from Bike Professors. Moreover, the all-inclusive subscription covers theft. Subscribers can notify Buzzbike via the mobile app, get help with filing police reports, and have a replacement delivered.

Other neat perks include flexible pricing for various subscription durations and the option to buy out the Buzzbike rental at a discount rate. Monthly rates range from £18.99 to £27.99 for regular bikes and £59.99 to £79.99 for e-bikes. According to Buzzbike reviews, the rates are more than reasonable, considering the customer service and the accessories, like a headlight, lock, and kickstand, that come with every rental. Besides, setting up a subscription via an app takes only two minutes.

UrbanBikeTech: Enhancing Bike Security with Innovative Solutions

Bike and bike parts theft is extremely common, often leaving bike owners without a means of transportation or an unusable bicycle. UrbanBikeTech is dead-set on keeping bikes safe from petty theft through the use of innovative Pitlock solutions. Pitlock skewers are designed to replace the standard quick-release wheel and seat skewers with unique tamper-proof coded nuts. The lineup includes 256 unique configurations, and each can only be unlocked with a corresponding key. They are nestled deep in the casing and use a free-rotating housing that doesn’t let thieves use pliers effectively. Moreover, all Pitlock components are made of high-grade stainless steel, not carbon steel or plastic. Therefore, the locking skewers aren’t susceptible to environmental damage and rust.

The Pitlock lineup available via UrbanBikeTech includes everything from solid axle nuts and individual skewers to replacement keys. The rates are pretty reasonable for the safest bike solutions designed in Europe. Moreover, according to UrbanBikeTech reviews, sizing charts are quite handy in selecting the right Pitlock components for any bike. 

Rattan: Versatile E-Bikes for Every Adventure

Rattan boasts an impressive range of e-bikes for commuters and outdoor lovers. Heavy-duty 48V batteries (up to 20 Ah) ensure an impressive range from 55 to 150 miles on a single charge, while fat all-terrain tires are suitable for mountain trails and everyday outdoor adventures. Moreover, Rattan bikes use high-quality brand-name parts, such as the SHIMANO gear shift system and brushless geared hub 750W (80 Nm) motor. The company’s dedication to top quality translates into a 15-day return policy and a one-year warranty. Plus, customers enjoy free shipping and zero sales tax, along with seasonal offers and special deals for new and regular clients. 

Although the Rattan brand is relatively new, it has already accumulated a significant fan base with over 6,500 positive Rattan reviews. Coupled with affordable rates, starting at $1,399, a solid online reputation is proof enough that Rattan is here to stay.

Box Components: Advancing Cycling Performance with Premium Parts

After dedicating two decades to BMX and MTB racing, Toby Henderson founded Box Components in 2012, using his personal experience with bike racing and maintenance. The company’s products have been recognized by the industry as some of the best for BMX and MTB races. Prime 9 gear shift introduced in 2019 became an instant hit. It combined the tried-and-true 9-gear architecture with cutting-edge solutions to make a light, durable, and high-performance layout used by most racers. The revamped design of the Prime 9 shifter, cassette, and rear derailleur reduces wear and tear and the setup easier and faster, letting racers spend more time on their bikes and less time in the shops.

Other Box Components’ innovations include the Stealth line of products for lightweight riders and the Oversized lineup that ensures maximum control and stability for racers. Combined with Prime 9, these components are perfect for professional racers and younger hopefuls interested in boosting their performance through advanced technical solutions. Judging by the exciting Box Components reviews and the company’s reputation, its products are worth the expense.

Rad Power Bikes UK: Making E-Biking Accessible to All

Rad Power Bikes stands out among the competition thanks to a broad range of solutions for all needs. The e-bike lineup includes city and commuter bikes, cargo and utility vehicles, as well as fat wheel and off-road bicycles. There are high-step, mid-step, step-through, and foldable options, so anyone would find the right e-bike for their needs. Most are reasonably priced, and flexible search filters help find the perfect model for rookie e-bike riders.

Customer support is another crucial factor in the Rad Power Bikes' success. The company partners with local shops to ensure their customers always have access to quality repairs and parts. There’s also an online help center to help buyers perform quick repair jobs on their own. Considering the company sold over 650K bicycles in 15 years and an overwhelming number of positive Rad Power Bikes reviews, it’s no wonder these e-bikes are equally popular across the EU, Canada, and the US. 

Magicycle: Powering Journeys with 52V E-Bikes

The Magicycle e-bike lineup combines unprecedented power with flexibility. Most bikes rely on a powerful 96 Nm motor with a maximum output of 1100W, which translates into a top speed of 28 mph. But it’s the 52V battery with the maximum capacity of 20 Ah that’s truly unique about Magicycle products. The powerful power pack means extended range, increased efficiency, and longer battery life, which is especially important considering the upfront investment e-bikes require.

Everyone can find something to like in the Magicycle lineup. There are sleek foldable models, city and commuter bikes, as well as SUV powerhouses, and fat-tire off-road e-bikes for those who love adventure, fishing, or hunting. According to Magicycle reviews, each model is equipped with suspension, breaks, and accessories that make the most sense for its intended use. For instance, city bikes, like Ocelot use mechanical disk brakes, while the Deer Ebike SUV comes with hydraulic disk brakes. 

Beaumont Bicycle: Legacy of a Closed Company

Beaumont Bicycle was a provider of retro-style bikes until it closed for business. Its models had a unique vintage look popular among city bikers and commuters, though not so much among the all-terrain and fat-wheel lovers. While most Beaumont bikes had a medium range and speeds up to 20 mph, that wasn’t enough for many buyers. Moreover, there were plenty of negative Beaumont Bicycle reviews complaining about missing or damaged parts upon delivery, as well as major components breaking after the first or second use. As the company name became associated with low-quality parts and poor customer service, it was only a matter of time until it went out of business.

Luckily, most current e-bike manufacturers realize the importance of bike durability and customer experience, considering the going rates for advanced models. As a result, there are plenty of Beaumont Bicycle alternatives to be found in the Best in Motorcycles & Bicycles category with genuine customer feedback for making informed decisions.


If it weren’t for Box Components' unique Prime 9 technology, BMX and MTB racers would still be stuck with 11-gear solutions, while without Himiway and Magicycle powerful motors and batteries, offroad lovers would not be able to make more than 50 miles on a single charge. At the same time, city dwellers unwilling to invest in personal bikes would be stuck with public transportation without the Buzzbike groundbreaking all-inclusive sharing solutions. For all their differences and competition, these eight companies drive the cycling changes worldwide, satisfying the needs of casual commuters, all-terrain adventurers, and adrenaline-craving racers.