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About company

Unidragon is driven by a philosophy rooted in creativity and imagination, aiming to inspire and challenge customers with its exquisite wooden puzzles. Their commitment extends to offering top-tier products that not only entertain but also foster cognitive development and relaxation. Distinguishing themselves as industry leaders, Unidragon designs and produces puzzles in-house, maintaining strict quality control and utilizing the finest materials for durability and vibrancy. Their dedication has led to selling over 1,000,000 Unidragon puzzles, earning trust and love from customers worldwide. Unidragon's innovation reached new heights with "Quezzle," a unique blend of puzzle and quest that raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter, showcasing their ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of the puzzle industry.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2020.

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I've had an affinity for puzzles since my
by Anca

I've had an affinity for puzzles since my childhood, finding them to be a soothing and creativity-inducing pastime. This wooden puzzle managed to go above and beyond my initial expectations, standing out as the most aesthetically pleasing one I've encountered thus far. The puzzle boasts a cutting-edge design, with each piece possessing a unique and captivating aspect. Solving the Italian Riviera puzzle proved to be a breeze, offering an easy and enjoyable experience. The inclusion of butterfly-shaped pieces for vegetation, seahorse-shaped pieces for water, and roof-shaped pieces for buildings added an extra layer of charm and brilliance. One notable feature is the lack of reflection from the puzzle pieces, a quality I appreciate. The image itself is incredibly accurate, capturing even the minutest details. The overall quality is outstanding, with a wooden box that not only serves its purpose but also exudes artistic flair. My experience with this puzzle left me both impressed and fascinated, and I've already taken the step of gluing the pieces together to adorn my room's wall. I'm eager to explore more puzzles of a similar nature in the future.

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I've been a fan of Unidragon puzzles
by Tina

I've been a fan of Unidragon puzzles for some time now, but I've noticed a decline in the aesthetic appeal of their recent releases. The new puzzles they've been promoting through emails are not up to the standard of their previous beautiful creations. The latest one, a black and white challenge, lacks the visually pleasing elements that initially attracted me to their puzzles. Even the Japanese-themed "The Great Wave" puzzle seems plain and unattractive. What disappoints me the most is the shift in the puzzle edges. The new puzzles feature flat, straight edges instead of the uniquely shaped ones that added character to their earlier designs. This change further contributes to the overall decline in the visual appeal of their products. Sadly, I'm reconsidering my loyalty to Unidragon, as their recent creations seem to be heading in a direction that I find unappealing and uninspiring.

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The unicorn design is so beautiful and the puzzle
by Iulia An

The unicorn design is so beautiful and the puzzle pieces are cut in such a unique and interesting way. This was my first time trying out a wooden puzzle but the quality and durability are top-notch. Even when my pet squirrel tried to take a nibble, the puzzle remained intact (thank goodness, safety first!). It was definitely challenging, but it also helped me relax and take my mind off things. Plus, it was so much fun to put together and feel like I was living in my own fairytale. The customer service was also amazing and helped me out when my puzzle got a little lost on its way to me. I highly recommend giving UniDragon puzzles a try, they truly are crafted with great skill and have options for all ages. Already looking forward to getting my hands on another one! 😍

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I'm happy to share my thoughts on the
by Verah

I'm happy to share my thoughts on the Unidragon puzzle. This puzzle is really nice for people who enjoy a good challenge and a well-made jigsaw. The pieces are really good quality, and the pictures on them are nice too. Putting the puzzle together was fun and relaxing. The pieces fit well, and the final picture looked great. I also like that Unidragon cares about the environment. They use wood that's sourced sustainably and inks that are eco-friendly. It's good to see a company being responsible like that. Overall, the Unidragon puzzle was better than I expected. I think puzzle fans and anyone who likes cool puzzles should check it out.

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Received this neat puzzle as a
by Lana

Received this neat puzzle as a birthday present from my coworkers. Gotta admit, it made quite an impression on me. I'd never tried wooden puzzles before, and I was surprised by how different they are from the cardboard ones. The wooden pieces had a unique texture and feel that I found really nice. The puzzle was big, with lots of different prints on it, which made it really interesting to put together. I especially liked the shaped pieces like birds, plants, and animals, they added a fun twist to the process. Overall, it was a well-made puzzle, and I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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Purchased a Unidragon puzzle on
by Judith James

Purchased a Unidragon puzzle on Amazon at a high cost. Upon unboxing, a disclaimer about potential missing pieces or defects raised concerns. Unfortunately, the puzzle pieces did not align properly, preventing completion. As an experienced puzzler, I found this issue surprising, indicating manufacturing problems. Grateful for Amazon's swift refund and free return shipping, bypassing direct dealings with Unidragon. Regrettably, this experience has deterred any future puzzle purchases from this company.

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They make the most amazing wooden
by Andreea G

They make the most amazing wooden puzzles with a space theme. I recently bought their 1000-piece puzzle and it was a blast. Not only did it come with a game board and mini games, but also with 3D puzzles. How cool is that? And the best part, there were even astronaut and spaceship shaped pieces to add to the fun. I spent a good 12 hours working on it and had a blast the whole time. I highly recommend giving Quezzle Space Adventures a try, you won't regret it!

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Unidragon puzzles offer fantastic value
by Amy

Unidragon puzzles offer fantastic value, boasting remarkable quality that brings joy to both tactile sensation and assembly. I've consistently purchased them for personal enjoyment and Christmas gifts over two years, building anticipation among friends eager to grow their collections. No delivery issues encountered, and though unopened this time, their track record inspires confidence.

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My latest encounter with Unidragon
by Cary Pasqualle

My latest encounter with Unidragon was flawless. Opting for the Elusive Colibri, a dual-part puzzle featuring a hummingbird and a flower, I marveled at the intricate hummingbird whimsies and vibrant hues. Reassembled multiple times, the puzzle retains its pristine appearance. Unidragon, your consistency is noteworthy!

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Unidragon consistently delivers excellence.
by Mash

Unidragon consistently delivers excellence. My encounter with the Elusive Colibri puzzle, featuring a hummingbird and a flower in two parts, was flawless. The vibrant colors and intricate hummingbird whimsies left me captivated. Even after assembling it multiple times, the puzzle maintains its pristine appearance.

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This wooden puzzle is incredible!
by Maria

This wooden puzzle is incredible! It's the best puzzle I've ever laid eyes on! The craftsmanship is just stunning! It's built to last a lifetime! The quality is top-notch, and the price is really reasonable. Plus, the shipping is super quick! I highly suggest getting one. Thanks!

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The company's wooden puzzle
by Roxana

The company's wooden puzzle pieces are amazing, the kids just loved it! We had so much fun making the Kids World Map puzzle. Definitely will buy some for Christmas.

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