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About company

Takechargeamerica.org is a leading organization in the financial industry, specializing in providing expert guidance and solutions for individuals facing debt and financial challenges. With a strong commitment to empowering people to take control of their finances, Take Charge America offers a range of services to help individuals achieve financial stability and independence.

Key Information:

  • Location: The headquarters of Takechargeamerica.org is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Founders: The company was founded by David Richardson.
  • Foundation Date: Takechargeamerica was established in the year 1987

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I wish I had made a different decision
by Anonymous

I had hoped for better results with eFinancial.com. It's been 6 months into my agreement, and unfortunately, my credit rating has actually gone down. While they negotiated a better interest rate, they have not been making timely payments to my creditors. Despite reaching out to discuss the issue, I received various reasons and no resolution. I enlisted their services to improve my credit, but it seems I would have been better off taking out a consolidation loan. Now, my credit is in bad shape, and closing all my accounts, per their recommendation, has left me with no open credit to improve my score. I wish I had made a different decision.

When I learned that my account
by Jo Anne

When I learned that my account would be shifted to a different company, I initially had reservations because Family Financial had been an excellent match for my financial circumstances. Throughout every phone call I had with Take Charge America, regardless of who I spoke to, they were courteous, kept me well-informed, and consistently made me feel like a valued customer. While I'm committed to staying debt-free, I can genuinely say that Take Charge America would be the go-to choice for me or anyone I know in need of their services. They are an outstanding company, and I truly believe they prioritized my financial well-being!

Take Charge America
by Janelle S

Take Charge America has been a lifesaver for me. Thanks to their support, I have been able to pay off all of my credit card debt. The staff are so friendly and honest. They don't have any hidden fees or surprises; my payments stay the same so I can better manage my finances. I'm truly appreciative to Take Charge America for enabling me to get out of debt!

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