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About company

PetLink stands as a trusted leader in pet identification and reunification, establishing lifelong connections between pets and their owners. Beyond microchips, PetLink's true strength lies in its unwavering dedication to care and support, providing peace of mind to pet parents. The company goes above and beyond, prioritizing exceptional service. With PetLink, you can effortlessly consolidate all your pets under a single account, even if they have chips from different providers. Additionally, PetLink's reunification service extends its protection worldwide, making it an ideal choice for globetrotting pet owners. Best of all, it offers the convenience of a one-time registration with no annual renewals.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Woburn, MA, United States.
  • Founders: -
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1999.

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The pet finding service is amazing.
by Anonymous

The pet finding service is amazing. My furry babies escaped, dunno how. Still puzzled. Got a message in 90 mins saying they're found with a number to call. So cool!

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Poor quality of dog collar
by Joni

I ordered the breakaway dog collar for my 2 year old husky and paid close to $25. It is printed with her name and her petlink ID and name. She's had it for a month and it broke away alright. Then she broke it into a 100 tiny pieces. It was flimsy and I don't think it would have worked for a Yorkie, although it was 24" long. It's dollar store quality and I purchased 3! I do not recommend them at all!!

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by Neal Cann

AWESOME SERVICE. Our gate blew open while we were away, and our furry friend wandered off. Luckily, a neighbor spotted him nearby, noticed his Petlink collar, and reported his whereabouts. Bottom line: Our furry pal is back home safe and sound. Big thanks to Petlink.

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I bought a harness for my
by Alexander

I bought a harness for my dog from this company. They said no returns or exchanges allowed, so I measured my dog carefully using their chart. I ordered based on their recommendations. But when it arrived, even at the smallest size, it didn't fit. I contacted them, but all they did was send me the same no-returns policy. I asked to speak to a supervisor, but got no response. Now I'm stuck with a $70 harness that's no good to me. Their customer service is useless and they don't care about keeping customers happy. Don't bother buying anything from them unless you want to end up disappointed.

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Our dog Alaska was
by Katlyn

Our dog Alaska was lost for more or less 2 hours, she arrived at someone's house and they took her to a nearby veterinarian, there they scanned her microchip and contacted me. I was very distressed but I knew she had her microchip. Thank you

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Thanks a million!
by Gary P

Thanks a million! I'm the pet parent, and thanks to your help and a friendly neighbor, my fur baby is back where she belongs—safe and sound. A storm spooked her, and she made a run for it while we were out. You guys are heroes!

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highly enough
by Ronald S

I can't speak highly enough of Petlink! They've consistently provided me with excellent service. There have been times when they called to let me know my furry friend had gone on an unexpected adventure (thanks to her doggy door). Plus, my wonderful neighbors have also helped by contacting Petlink when they found her. Even when I was in London, I got a call that someone had found her. With the combined efforts of Petlink and my awesome neighbor, everything turned out wonderfully.

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