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About company

As a prominent player in the European market for many years, the company stands out as one of the largest online furniture and household goods sellers, catering to Germany, France, and Italy. With a distinct focus on German taste, modern design, and swift delivery, it appeals to a wide audience, including travelers. The extensive assortment reflects meticulous attention to lighting trends, innovative facades, and colors, all curated by designers and constructors. Notably, the company prioritizes affordability without compromising quality, manufacturing furniture in top-tier factories. Rigorous quality checks, particularly on leather models, underscore their commitment to delivering reliable and stylish products.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in Brandenburg, Deutschland.
  • Founders: was founded by Dirk De haene and Gert Junes.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 1995.

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Fast delivery.
by xxxx

Fast delivery. Thickness of the sheets adequate and better than competing products. Edges are folded so you don't cut yourself. Will probably last for many years. Unfortunately only available in one height.

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Ordered a changing table for our
by Mairijo Mazza

Ordered a changing table for our baby, but dismayed to receive only a partial shipment with numerous missing pieces. Assembly is impossible, and regret not heeding warnings from other dissatisfied customers. Disappointing experience; wish we had checked reviews before making the purchase.

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Also present on Amazon, this
by Maria Rosaria Marotta

Also present on Amazon, this company is a total sham. Their customer service is shockingly terrible, and you can forget about getting a refund for their outrageously subpar products. A truly dreadful experience on every front.

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My entire encounter was dreadful
by Malika Temirkhanova

My entire encounter was dreadful. The shipment, supposedly comprising two boxes—Box Part 1 and Box Part 2—arrived with double the Box Part 2. After contacting customer service, I was instructed to fill out a form detailing the missing parts. Frustrated, I returned the incorrect items and reordered, only to face more issues. The handbook was clearly neglected by the manufacturer's staff—missing screws, inaccuracies, and unclear instructions. Many parts didn't align, forcing me to improvise with my own screws. It appears the company never tested assembling these components. Regrettably, I won't be purchasing from Oskar again.

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