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About company

Motion Design School stands out as a premier institution dedicated to animation and motion design education. Renowned as the top educational platform for mastering Motion Design skills, it offers comprehensive resources curated by industry experts. Students benefit from access to essential tools and cutting-edge knowledge essential for success in the field. With a hardcore approach to learning, Motion Design School provides a rigorous curriculum designed to equip aspiring designers with the skills needed to thrive in the industry. Whether a novice or experienced professional, individuals can find everything they need to excel in motion design at this esteemed institution.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in New York, United States.
  • Founders: Motion Design School was founded by Iaroslav Kononov.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2016.

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Great online platform for animashon.
by GBL

Great online platform for animashon. I've taken the Motion Beast course and it's packed with information!

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I bought the Logo Animation course from Motion
by Radek

I bought the Logo Animation course from Motion Design School and was amazed by how professional it is. The techniques I learned really opened my eyes, as I couldn't find similar information on YouTube before. This course has allowed me to deliver better work for my freelance clients, and I’m looking forward to exploring more courses from Motion Design School.

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Motion Design School's "Blenders and After Effects Course"
by Tanvir

Motion Design School's "Blenders and After Effects Course" went above my expectations. It covers everything from basics to advanced techniques in both Blender and After Effects. The hands-on projects and tasks are priceless for enhancing skills, and the quality of the materials is great. The support team is quick to respond and useful. I highly recommend it for beginners and pros alike.

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MDS has some of the best and most
by Anonymous

MDS has some of the best and most usefull plugins and scripts that will boost your workfow signifikantly, if you're not buying and using them then you've probably wasted a ton of time! Thanks for creating these tools to save everyone all the trouble!

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Each class has helped me
by John

Each class has helped me develop as a motion designer and a creative pro, widening my view and skills in animation biz.

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The logo animation done in
by Beatriz

The logo animation done in After Effects has brought a fresh and enjoyable twist to my design tasks.

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