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MeaMarie Bridal Atelier, a premier bridal studio located in Kirkland, WA, near the Kirkland marina. They offer an exclusive haute couture bridal experience with a focus on private, personalized appointments. The studio showcases a variety of designer gowns from around the world, catering to brides seeking a unique and intimate gown-shopping experience​.

  • Location: The MeaMarie company is located in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA.
  • Founders: MeaMarie Bridal Atelier was founded by Mea Mendez
  • Foundation Date: MeaMarie was established in the year 2015.

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Mea Marie is a one of a kind store.
by Winema

Mea Marie is a one of a kind store. They are invested and love what they do. They are faboulous to work with, and carry the most beautiful dresses ever. They will provide you with a dream experience and you won't be disappointed! Love working with MM!

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I ringed in panik coz I'm 6 wks
by Katherine L.

I ringed in panik coz I'm 6 wks from wed day n my orig ordered dress aint comin, found out it's out of stock. I called Bridal Palace, they said come, they helped, it was gr8, they were nice, not pushy at all! Found perfect dress, can't wait to wear it!

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Perfect !!!
by Nicole M.

From the moment I crossed the threshold, the Kirkland store unfolded like a chapter from a fairy tale, with Rachelle Witt casting a spell of hospitality that transformed me instantly into a bride. Amidst an exquisite tapestry of gowns, my heart found its match in an Eve of Milady dress, a vision of love at first sight. The air was free of purchase persuasion, only the pure joy of trying on potential 'I do' ensembles. Of all the artisans that contributed to my nuptial celebration, this haven of bridal dreams stood out. They didn't just sell me a dress; they wove themselves into the fabric of my wedding journey. Should I ever renew my vows, there's no question—I'd waltz right back to their welcoming doors.🙂

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If a zero-star tribute were possible
by Amber

If a zero-star tribute were possible, that would be my offering. The shop’s charm, with its mom-and-pop allure and cozy ambiance, promised so much yet delivered so little. My initial encounter at the Seattle Wedding Show should have been a forewarning. Amidst the sea of satin and lace, while other vendors approached with smiles and offers of assistance, the shop’s staff seemed anchored to the floor, engrossed in personal tides of conversation. My quest for a specific style was met with a disinterested gesture towards a rack that bore no fruit. Months later, hope sprouted anew as I booked an appointment, pinning my dream dresses to their Pinterest board as requested. Yet, the seeds of that hope were never to sprout. My appointment was almost uprooted for another bride, and upon arrival, not a single gown from my carefully curated collection awaited me. The Pinterest board, a digital tapestry of my desires, was disregarded, evaporating my efforts into the ether. Inventory had been dispatched elsewhere, and communication lines were as tangled as a bride’s train in a gust of wind. A week has passed since they whispered promises of procurement, yet silence reigns. This was not just a lost opportunity for a sale, but a moment where the essence of customer service was tried and found wanting. I can’t drape recommendations around this experience; I can only suggest future brides to seek their gowns in boutiques where their dreams and efforts are both seen and valued.

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