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About company

Lighthouse stands as a rental app offering incentives for renting at various properties. Their market showcases pay-back incentives and features professionals who guide clients through the rental process with confidence. Users can earn cashback and enjoy additional benefits as they search for their ideal residence. With a focus on aiding users in finding the perfect place to live, Lighthouse provides valuable assistance and rewards throughout the rental journey. Whether seeking cashback incentives or additional perks, Lighthouse offers a comprehensive solution for renters.

Key Details:

  • Location: The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.
  • Founders: was founded by Alan Chang, Matt See.
  • Foundation Date: The company was established in the year 2019.

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The staff were really good. Sydney was great
by Anonymous

The staff were really good. Sydney was great, and texted me, which I liked. They understood my schedule and that I couldn't see many places quickly. The cash back changes depending on the rent. After I signed, it took me a bit to register for the cash back. But when I did, I got some extra cash in a few days. This is good, with how rent prices are now. They gave me the cash back in a prepaid gift card, vendor gift card, Venmo, or similar.

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Lighthouse was good for finding
by Botta

Lighthouse was good for finding my flat last year. Their site's design is great and it has all the usual features in a cool way. I got help from Shelbi, and they give you cash back too! It's clever, you get the flat deal and cash back. We used other locators before, but they don't give you cash back like Lighthouse. I got $900 cash and 1 month free. Got a lot!

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In my first go with an apartment finder
by Embler

In my first go with an apartment finder company, Lighthouse was great. Gabby really helped me out in finding a new place. It took a bit since I'm choosy with apartments, but I eventually found one I liked. Thanks again. I'll surely tell my friends about it!

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I received my $200 direct deposit
by MC MC

I received my $200 direct deposit into my account. Thanks to Alan for hearing me out and understanding what I needed. One thing I really appreciate about Lighthouse is how fast they reply to emails and calls. Their customer service is really good! Thank you.

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My experience with them left much to be desired
by Lesley Wells

My experience with them left much to be desired. Despite promises of immediate payment upon signing my lease, I was misled. Their third-party stated a 2 to 4 business day timeframe, yet payment is still pending. Moreover, the process for receiving referral fees is cumbersome and delayed, with instructions sent only on Fridays after 5 pm. This delay means I won't receive my money for at least a week. Based on this experience, I cannot recommend their services.

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